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Instrument Sale and Leasing

Get value for money when through our competitive prices for new instruments and leasing for short-term projects. Consult us for end-to-end turn-key solutions.

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Sale/ Leasing/ Maintenance

    These are the products we carry:
  • - Network analyzers
  • - Spectrum analyzers
  • - Oscilloscopes,
  • - Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ Mobile communication test sets
  • - Signal generators
  • - Impedance analyzers
  • - Optical communications instruments
  • - LCR meter
  • - Power supplies
  • - Electric meters

Brands We Carry


We acquire used instruments from companies undergoing equipments refresh, this includes measuring instruments and peripheral equipments.

Simply provide us with the model number, quantity, instrument status and photos to get the quotation.

Once the acquisition is confirmed, we can provide the instrument collection service.

Acepak Accuisition

Why Engage Us?

Leasing Advantages

These are the products we carry:
  • Lower upfront costs and flexible payment for the leasing period.
  • Rental instruments are tested by engineers to meet required specifications.
  • Leasing is more eco-friendly and helps to reduce carbon footprints.
  • For instrument failure as a result of non-human factors, no charges will be imposed.

Post-sale Maintenance and Repairs

  • We provide instrument collection and delivery services.
  • Free instrument maintenance testing and quotation for services required.
  • We have a professional and experienced team of instrument maintenance engineers.
  • Rigorous failure analysis, accurate troubleshooting, adequate repair parts, and module inventory
  • Power-on test for more than 24 hours to ensure the safety and stability of the instrument.
  • During the maintenance period, the instrument can be replaced by the same type of instrument according to the customer's needs and our company's inventory status.
  • We can extend the warranty period for the maintenance part upon request.
  • We can provide the whole machine warranty service after the instrument is tested upon request.

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Connecting your systems &
attending to your Business needs

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