Brands that Trust Us

Rentokil Initial Asia Pacific Mgt Pte Ltd

Acepak Team was professional and provided fast response. There was no frills, and easy to deal with. Their quick turnaround time helped us to achieve a seamless process to get the job done.

Mohammad Aidil Ismail

(Regional Infrastructure Operations Manager, Asia Pacific)

Seiko Architectural Wall Systems Pte Ltd

I am so happy to work with Acepak on our last project (Firewall renewal),Thanks so much for the help and support on that critical days

The support and advice we(Seiko) have received from Acepak Technology for cost-savings solutions, I able to better support our company’s projects and growth.

Working with Acepak Technology, I believe that companies can meet the needs of an ever-changing IT landscape.

Acepak Technology has assist and ensure us with more IT uptime, resulting in no disruption of workflow in the company.

With Acepak Technology’s team of consultants and engineers, solutions offered by them has allowed us to have an agile approach for projects and a more flexible IT budget.


(Senior IT Engineer)

Berkeley Energy

For my sub-team within the company, the Monday.com platform has served us well over the past couple of months with streamlining project and workstream management. Acepak Tech was also extremely helpful in outlining some dashboard functionalities, which served the team well. It allowed the team to take the platform to the next level both from a visual and efficiency standpoint.

Dinesh Ganesan

(Investment Team)


Case Study

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